ATAS Website

ATAS Website

The Association of Touring & Adventure Suppliers was formed in 2017, and brings together the leading suppliers in the sector with a united goal of improving awareness and sales through the UK travel trade.

Working at Jacobs Media Group as the Lead Digital Designer I was tasked with creating a new site for a part of the business that had been growing.

Previously ATAS (Association of Touring & Adventure Suppliers) had been a small part of the Travel Weekly website living on a subdomain and consisting of a single page. For years the business had been run via phone calls and email exchanges, which offered its users no platform to interact or promote their businesses, and was a strain on personnel.

I created a full set of wireframes for the site and later responsive designs - creating visuals on sketch for over 60 unique page templates. I also created newsletter templates, animation designs and image research.

Today the website consists of several complex parts. The public access part of the sites is a simple brochure and explanation of offerings.

Most of the website sits behind a member login, as information on the site is a premium paid for subscription. Once a member has registered they can set up their own business profile, housing contact information, interactive brochures, media assets, and real time messaging features.

Users can browse a directory of differing member types and create new business connections.

There is another feature of being a member and that is creating and taking E-learning courses. These courses can be shared between employees and companies to help train staff. This learning platform was designed by myself and developed by JMG's development team.