Bayer Berocca

Bayer Berocca

Working For Energy House Digital I Redesigned the Berocca UK & Ireland Website for their new campaign featuring Rocky the chameleon

I met with the team at Bayer UK to discuss what they wanted to achieve from the new site and how the old Berocca website had started to become a hinderence for those managing the sites content . We outlined areas that would be frequently updated or expanded upon, such as the 'products' catalogue and we created wireframes for each page template during a client workshop.

From here I was responsible for Designing the templates responsively, incorporating the new branding and mascot, as well as finding creative solutions to help extend the new sites lifespan.

I had great fun working with the team at Bayer and their marketing and branding department. I also had a chance to play with the 3d model of Rocky and export the poses we needed for the websites banners...