Forecast  Website

Forecast is an AI-native platform, a system of intelligence that represents the most advanced technology ever applied to managing finances, resources and projects.

The customer facing marketing side of forecast was one of the first project I started when I joined the company. The original site was built within the HubSpot platform and had been built and designed by one of the founding members when the company was in its very early years. It had long been overdue for re-development as it no longer reflected the brand or platform and its functionalities were leaving marketing teams and content creators with very little options. Working alongside a third-party development agency I was tasked with designing the website from the ground up in a very short time frame (two weeks). Though far from ideal the timeframe for design was linked to a series a funding announcement that was expected to drive traffic to the website and an exponential rate and senior team members required an updated website with fresh visuals that most importantly had the functionality to allow rapid expansion of content.

I set about the task by auditing the existing site for content, functionality, and user experience. After an in-depth audit and discussions with both senior stakeholders and employees who most often utilise the website, I proceeded in the most efficient way of providing designs to the agency.

To do this I designed 35 bespoke responsive HubSpot modules, including navigational elements, that could be used within a template in a drag and drop fashion.

As well as visually designing the system I also provided in-depth development notes, using my existing experience of CSS HTML JavaScript and the hubL language, on what editors and admin would need to be able to customise within each module such as background colours, font colour, image sizes, interactive elements, animations, forms and responsive visibility options.

I designed these modules at three main break points and provided development notes for each, this was then walked through with the development agency and I was a key point of contact throughout the process of development. I was also tasked with evaluation of work done and ensuring that we were happy with the end results.

As this was designed in a modular fashion that allowed for maximum customisation of any page built, we were not locked into a system in the future that was inflexible. As such over the years I personally have developed new modules that work within the existing templates as and when the need arises for unforeseen functionality.