DueDil  Website

DueDil is a company intelligence platform covering the SME economy. In August 2021 DueDil merged with Artesian Solutions and subsequently rebranded as FullCircl

During my time at DueDil as Senior Digital Designer there was a brand refresh, during this time the website platform switched over to Webflow, which allowed for internal design and development as well as custom CMS control.

The website was both designed and developed by myself in Webflow from the ground up using both it's WYSIWYG editor and custom HTML and CSS and JavaScript.

When I started this project I had never used the Webflow platform. However, having experience both in design standard software such as Sketch and Figma, as well as an in-depth knowledge of working in front end development, and to some degree back end development it was a challenge I was happy to undertake.

The most unique part of this project was the ability to create a custom CMS within the platform that was tailored to the needs of both content managers, events ,and sales personnel.