Forecast Marketing Illustrations

Forecast Marketing Illustrations

Forecast is an AI-native platform, a system of intelligence that represents the most advanced technology ever applied to managing finances, resources and projects.

When I first started at Forecast there was minimal branding being utilised. There were two colours, a dark and vibrant bright purple, and they also had a small selection of visuals that were based on their artificial intelligence mascot Nova.

As I started working as the Senior Digital Designer, we began to expand on available assets for use across the business by creating a library of mascot visuals and animations that were friendly and approachable, as was the persona of the brand at the time.

We also started to update the colours used within the brand which were linked to the platform UI colours and start to implement those within our marketing visuals and marketing website.

Over the last couple of years the brand has evolved as the company has seen major growth, and started to target different audiences. With the development of the brand we started to step away from the younger, friendly, less mature aspects of the brand. The mascot was officially retired in the middle of 2022 and the brand is currently still under redevelopment with a strong focus on redesigning the platform from the ground up which will influence the marketing visuals. This will aim for a more mature serious note targeted at young and established companies in need of serious project management software that can meet every need of the business.